Case Study: A Midwestern Trucking Company

Case Study: A Midwestern Trucking Company

In the last year, PPC Guru cultivated and honed this trucking company’s Google Ads profile to not simply increase exposure, but to increase exposure to the correct audience, which drove an increase in overall conversion and phone calls.

The initial phase of our campaigns was focused on increasing awareness and click-volume among their target audience of small business owners who need custom shipping and trucking solutions. Once a considerable volume of clicks were consistently coming through the account, we were able to optimize even further.

Although impressions (the number of people who see the ads) stayed nearly the same once we began this stage of optimization, we were able to create a massive increase in responsiveness to the ads, proving the effectiveness of PPC Guru’s paid search tactics.

This shipping company’s Google Ads campaigns have seen a CTR (click through rate) increase of 30.74% while paying 8.4% less per click.

Even more impressive is the conversion rate increase (measured in phone calls and form fills) of over 3,000%, to nearly qualified 300 conversions within a few months.

While this is a great success story, it drives home the importance of data that can be leveraged for meaningful growth. If it wasn’t for that initial testing phase where a lot of data points were collected on audience trends, keyword effectiveness, and ad group conversion rates, we wouldn’t have been able to know how to best optimize their spend.

When working with a paid search agency, always make sure that they’re focused on the data, otherwise they may just waste your budget on clicks and users that are never going to convert.


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