Billed Simply, Managed Thoroughly. PPC that works for you.

Our seasoned team of Pay-Per-Click vets understand what all business owners look for: results. We build and optimize every campaign to drive down costs-per-click while increasing conversion volume. It’s that simple.

Stop wasting time trying to learn Google Ads. Stop worrying about over spending.

We’re here to manage all that stuff for you, so that you can focus on running your business.

Using Google Ads on a small budget might seem like a losing battle, but the PPC Guru team makes it easy.

Having worked at larger advertising agencies in the past, we know what professional, successful Google Ads management looks like. We also know how much of that large monthly retainer goes toward things other than your campaign. That’s why we created PPC Guru – professional Google Ads management that any business can afford.


We’ll build, manage, and optimize your pay-per-click account


Buy account add-ons, such as hourly consultations, as you want



Our experts can build you a site optimized for traffic & leads


No matter what you need, our pricing is honest and simple

what we do

AdWords PPC

Facebook PPC

Twitter PPC

LinkedIn PPC

Display creative

Remarketing campaigns

Site links

Ad extensions

Conversion tracking

Call tracking

Site analytics



Our agency is the result of years of professional experience observing how larger agencies focus more on retainers than value for small businesses. Learn more about the value we bring to small businesses.

Focused Strategy

Every company is unique, and we don't believe in cookie-cutter campaigns. Our experienced PPC experts can craft the perfect campaign for your brand.

Landing Pages

Need a landing page for your Google Ads traffic? Don't worry - it's included in your campaigns. We drive traffic to these exclusively for you to ensure an optimized experience.

What We Do

Search Pay-Per-Click

We leverage the Google Search Network to make sure you’re showing up when people are searching for services like yours.

Conversion Tracking

No matter your campaign type, we implement conversion tracking across forms or phone calls to prove our ROI.

Display Pay-Per-Click

We leverage the Google Display Network to maintain brand awareness and drive clicks when users are surfing the web.

Ad Extensions

Within Google Search Network, we can add extensions to highlight specific services or information about your business.

Mobile Pay-Per-Click

We leverage phone tracking tools within Google Ads to drive and track phone calls your business gets from ads.

Ad Creative

We have a team of designers ready to create professional graphics for your display and social media campaigns.

PPC Guru Success Stories

Case Study: A Midwestern Trucking Company

In the last year, PPC Guru cultivated and honed this trucking company’s Google Ads profile to not simply increase exposure, but to increase exposure to the correct audience, which drove an increase in overall conversion and phone calls. The initial phase of our campaigns was focused on increasing awareness and click-volume among their target audience […]

Case Study: An Insurance Agency

A Chicago-based insurance agency came to us looking to optimize their client acquisition through paid search and we helped do just that. This client was used to paying lead-generation sites anywhere from $25 to $50 for access to a lead that was also shared with a number of other agencies. In essence, they were paying […]

A Budget Moving Company

A large regional moving company came to us to improve their AdWords strategy. When we started optimizing their account, their average cost-per-lead was north of $140. We have since reduced their cost-per-lead to under $40, while increasing the quality of conversions (nearly one in three of our AdWords leads closes!). Leads generated from AdWords are now […]

Be Found, Increase Revenue

Ranking #1 in Google is hard for small businesses like yours. Pay-Per-Click marketing is the targeted solution.

the right audience

The Right Offer

The Right Time

Based on our own keyword research and information you provide, we’re able to get your ads in front of people who are legitimate sales opportunities.

With the ability to test different ads and offers against each other in real-time, we’re able to get the best offer in front of the right prospect.

Your customers are going to Google to find answers. With Pay-Per-Click, we can target them efficiently, show them the best ad in rotation, and win them over right when they’re shopping.