Case Study: An Insurance Agency

Case Study: An Insurance Agency

A Chicago-based insurance agency came to us looking to optimize their client acquisition through paid search and we helped do just that.

This client was used to paying lead-generation sites anywhere from $25 to $50 for access to a lead that was also shared with a number of other agencies. In essence, they were paying to be part of a group of agencies that would reach out with generic insurance quotes to potential clients who hadn’t heard of them before.

As you can see, not the most efficient approach.

They turned to us to build a Google Ads campaign that would replace the lead generation companies, and create exclusive leads that only this agency collected.

While we’ve worked with this client for years, even within the first month they saw results. They were paying, initially, just about $25 for an exclusive lead targeted specifically to their policy types and within their target zip codes.

Within months, we were able to get that average cost down below $15 for each exclusive lead.

Just comparing the years 2018 and 2019, this insurance agency saw a conversion rate increase (measured just in phone calls directly from our ad units) of over 200%, from 93 conversions to 264.

As these leads were exclusive, the rate at which they became actual clients was much higher, and the cost-per-conversion remained low, peaking, in more competitive months, to still 20% less than what this agency had been paying before.


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